weed delivery same day

Cannabis delivery offers Gas-dank services of the finest calibre. We go out of our way to get cannabis that fits their needs and preferences.

Delivery of Gas-dank Cannabis

A Toronto-based weed delivery same day company focused on providing top-notch cannabis across Canada. We believe that changing the existing quo is in everyone’s best interests to work directly with producers and customers to cut out the middleman and save them money. We also provide high-quality cannabis delivery in Toronto.

  • To shop for flowers, strains, edibles, and concentrates at Tropic Exotic’s online store, customers must be 19 years old or older.
  • Along with weed delivery same day in Toronto and Canada, we also provide mail-order services. With ounces starting at $90 and quads available, including organically cultivated buds, Tropic Exotic is proud of its position as the market leader in Canada’s marijuana sector.

Why Choose A GasDank Delivery?


At Tropic Exotic, though, things are different. To ensure that our customers have a dependable and satisfying experience, we only buy the best cannabis plants from reliable and consistent providers. We’re taking pictures of the current batch. As a result, there is complete openness, and we are to offer a thorough account to establish lasting relationships based entirely on trust.

 Unlike other marijuana retailers, we post all customer feedback and observations on our website and social media platforms. Discover why we’re the most reliable mail-order cannabis dealer by reading customer reviews.


In Canada, Tropic Exotic is a well-known manufacturer of premium cannabis goods. All of Tropic Exotic’s strains are grown in highly regulated lab environments.


Our operation manager at Tropic Exotic, who has experience in fulfilment, has set up our Toronto cannabis delivery schedule differently than other mail-order marijuana companies to reduce waste and keep costs down. Tropic Exotic uses the same top-notch fulfilment method for orders as other businesses in the industry.

By Yna