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Residential real estate investment firm Kind House Buyers is based in Tacoma, Washington. They specialize in assisting homeowners who want to sell their properties as-is, without doing any repairs, and as soon as possible. Additionally, they keep a comprehensive list of real estate properties in Washington State and don’t charge a 6% real estate fee or commission.

Given the market conditions and their busy lives, the real estate professionals at Kind House Buyers have more than five years of experience in the field and comprehend how challenging it is to sell homes. They assist homeowners of all types in selling their homes fast and “As Is,” whether it be an elderly couple attempting to sell their “too huge to maintain” homes or those who desire to sell the assets they inherited. They have so far bought over 350 properties, totally refurbished them, and offered a fair cash price for every one of them. All homeowners need to do is get in touch with them, give them a few minutes on the phone to get all the information, and within 24 hours, after their valuation experts have estimated the home’s value, they will receive a buy offer.

They make the entire payment in cash and have enough resources to execute the transaction as soon as possible. They are one of Washington State’s biggest home-buying businesses and are “Better Business Bureau Accredited.” Visit for more information.

Why Do People Pick Kind Home Buyers?

  • Close on homes – Because Kind House Buyers closes every property they place under contract, they are known as Washington State’s Cash Home Buyers. They attentively consider their offerings.
  • Ethical: You pay the price that was mutually agreed upon. They never request price revisions from sellers after the event.
  • Chamber of commerce in Tacoma- They uphold better standards for themselves, so you won’t have to be BBB Accredited & Vetted.
  • Fast – They can close on your schedule or in as little as ten days. They will buy your house as-is with no repairs necessary. No need for maintenance or cleaning! They carry out the bulk of the labor. They are local; as citizens of Washington, they are aware of the market and are motivated to help their neighborhood.


By Yna