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This is a frequently asked question whether Sena 50s is better or Sena 50r, well this article aims to answer that question for once and all.

Basic idea:

If you’ve seen the 50R before, you’ll notice that it has a sleek, low-profile design. It’s even thinner than earlier Sena models, such as the low-profile 30k. It also has a three-button interface that is easy to use with gloves. Those who have had problems with Sena’s jog dial setups in the past will be pleased. While riding, the three-button system, as well as the Mesh connection button, are all simple to operate. Sena 50S is a lightweight Bluetooth headset that weighs only 64 grams. It sports a bigger chassis and the already well-known jog dial, which was clearly inspired by the 20S and 30K headsets. The 50S outperforms when compared to the Sena 50R model due to its apparent lack of buttons. The debate between Sena 50s vs 50r might end now.

Comparing it:

The elegant 50R is designed for long-term dependability.

The 50S is built for convenience while maintaining the same level of sound clarity.

 In comparison to the smaller, sleeker battery on the 50R, the 50S battery will give you an hour greater talk time.

Both are Bluetooth® 5 compatible and feature the all-new Mesh 2.0 intercom, HD speakers, rapid charging, voice-activated digital assistant access, and nine-channel operation.

The 50S can be utilized in a number of situations with the addition of a boom mic.

The 50R’s hardware is further reduced by having only two main microphones, making it more streamlined.

The 50S has a glove-friendly Jog Dial, whereas the 50R has a button trio that is ultra-low-profile.

Superhero Helmets

Final words:

If you want a top-of-the-line touring intercom with the convenience of a quick-release clamp kit, the 50S is the way to go.

The 50R will not disappoint you if you’re seeking a low-profile intercom that can withstand the elements in any situation.

By Yna