With the definition Social Commerce we mean the sale of products directly within social networks: discovery and purchase take place in one place gb Instagram.

The value of this shopping method arises from the fact that more and more people choose to rely on social networks for pre-purchase inspiration , with the almost certainty of finding a large amount of information, often more than that available on traditional e-commerce sites. .

Thanks to the very nature of social platforms, users can compare brands and products, getting a more complete idea of ​​the available offer, and enjoy a more sincere sharing of personal opinions, and greater “realism” in the presentation of products (perhaps during live direct from influencers or store managers).

The shopping experience with social commerce

In addition to these more relational aspects, social commerce is highly appreciated by users because it does not force the exit from the social network in the direction of an online store. Why abandon Instagram (for example) when the entire purchase process, from discovery to payment, can take place conveniently within the app?

Far from being a simple transaction, shopping on social media is transformed into a smooth and uninterrupted shopping experience , in line with the current digital habits of consumers.

Such a simplified path towards online shopping is the key to the success of this trend rapidly adopted by an increasing number of consumers, who in a post-Covid19 context continue to maintain the habits acquired in the months of emergency and lockdown.

By Yna