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Should You Renovate your house Before Selling? It depends on some factors.

First. If the renovation requires a sum that you can afford and can increase the value of the property then it is worth considering. This can also speed up the time to sale. A refurbished property can be sold at full price – that’s a big plus.

Second. If major maintenance work isn’t your forte and doing it now, before the sale, means lengthening the time frame and having to go into debt to cover the entire investment, you need to think carefully. Perhaps you could do a partial renovation to try to raise the price a little and, of course, also get some expenses back. This could also attract buyers who are not too demanding and intend to renovate at their expense


The trend of the moment. Haven’t you done maintenance for several years? How can a buyer make an in-depth assessment of the condition of the property? Whether the walls have been recently painted may be irrelevant. That small flaws are still visible can be just as minor. The new owner may want to make construction changes.

What matters most right now is the energy state of the property. What state are the windows and fixtures in general? Are the attic and other parts that can affect energy consumption insulated? How much does the property consume in winter? What are the heating costs?

So Who Is The Best Buyer?

The best buyer is the one in front of you at the exact moment you are showing him the house or the person with whom you are negotiating to sell it.

So I have to accept the first offer?

Of course not. But if you want to approach the sale of your home with complete seriousness and honesty, you have to treat every buyer as if they were the only one in the world. Create a frank and authentic relationship, you must be able to evaluate the best offers but remember that, in itself, each offer is the best!

Don’t hope that the next buyer will accept everything sight unseen. You may have to wait months before you find the perfect buyer. Because it doesn’t exist!

If you are selling an apartment in a condominium, when the buyer starts asking questions such as “Is it possible to see the condominium regulations” or “the Minutes of the last condominium meetings”, you must not immediately get defensive and make excuses.

By Yna