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Are you considering moving to Redmond and looking for the perfect neighborhood to call home? Redmond, Washington, offers a variety of vibrant communities, each with its unique charm and amenities. Click here Here is a review of some desirable neighborhoods and communities in Redmond to help you with your shortlisting process:

  1. Education Hill:
    • Education Hill is a sought-after neighborhood known for its top-rated schools and family-friendly atmosphere.
    • The area features spacious homes, well-maintained parks, and proximity to educational institutions like Redmond High School and Lake Washington Institute of Technology.
    • Families appreciate the sense of community, access to recreational activities, and the abundance of nearby amenities.
  1. Downtown Redmond:
    • Downtown Redmond is a bustling neighborhood offering a vibrant urban lifestyle.
    • This walkable area features residential and commercial spaces, including trendy restaurants, cafes, and shops.
    • Residents enjoy the convenience of having amenities such as grocery stores, entertainment venues, and public transportation within walking distance.
  1. Overlake:
    • Overlake is an ideal neighborhood for residential tranquility and easy access to employment centers.
    • The area is located near the Microsoft campus and other major tech companies, making it a popular choice for professionals in the industry.
    • Overlake boasts beautiful parks, well-planned communities, and proximity to shopping centers like Redmond Town Center.
  1. Bear Creek:
    • Bear Creek is a picturesque neighborhood known for its serene setting and natural beauty.
    • This area offers single-family homes and spacious estates nestled amongst green spaces and wooded areas.
    • Outdoor enthusiasts appreciate the proximity to parks, trails, and the nearby Sammamish River for recreational activities.
  1. Grass Lawn:
    • Grass Lawn is a residential neighborhood with a suburban feel and a strong sense of community.
    • The area features many housing options, including single-family homes and townhouses.
    • Residents enjoy well-maintained parks, community events, and easy access to amenities like Grass Lawn Shopping Center.
  1. Redmond Ridge:
    • Redmond Ridge is a newer community offering a suburban lifestyle with modern amenities.
    • The neighborhood features well-designed homes, tree-lined streets, and community parks.
    • Redmond Ridge residents can access trails, golf courses, and nearby amenities like Bella Bottega Shopping Center.

Each neighborhood in Redmond has unique characteristics; the right choice depends on your preferences and lifestyle. Whether you prioritize top-rated schools, a vibrant downtown scene, proximity to tech companies, or a serene suburban setting, Redmond has a neighborhood to suit your needs.


Before deciding, we recommend exploring these neighborhoods further, visiting them in person, and considering factors such as commute times, access to amenities, and your specific requirements. Finding the right neighborhood in Redmond will help you create a comfortable and fulfilling living experience in this beautiful city. Click here

By Yna