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Throughout its history, Peoples Gas Chicago has offered safe natural gas service to the city’s residents as well as businesses. In addition, to providing gas service, the company also provides community outreach and educational opportunities. The most renowned volunteer event is Commitment to Community Day, which attracts 200 employees and benefits homeless shelters, counseling centers and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. It also supports the development of curriculums in 14 schools.

Peoples Gas is a subsidiary of WEC Energy Group, Inc. which is an publicly traded utility company. It is regulated by the Illinois Commerce Commission. The rates of the company are filed with the commission. Peoples Gas earns $200 million annually in net earnings, more than twice what it earned a year ago. The company’s rates are linked with various gas-related services performed at the company’s customers’ premises.

In addition to offering natural gas, Peoples Gas also provides transportation services. The company also offers a Choices for You program, that combines transportation and gas costs into one retail price. All residential Peoples Gas customers can access this program. This program allows customers to choose the best supplier, which in turn lowers their costs. The company also offers various other programs and services.

The company’s “pipeline safety” program is designed for improving security and monitoring the health of the pipeline. The program describes the process for correcting the issues and outlines the pipeline’s defects, inspections, and tests. The program is monitored and revised in order to enhance its efficiency.

The company has been a major player in the development of Chicago as a city. Since 170 years, it has been a major source of natural gas to the region’s business and residents. The company’s 2,000 employees have ensured a safe and reliable natural gas service to the Chicago metropolitan area. It has also contributed to the development of policies to improve water quality and protect the environment. It has also worked with community organizations like the Friends of the Chicago River to tackle issues like conserving the watershed.

Peoples Gas has been an important partner of ComEd, Nicor Gas, and others. Both companies have collaborated to build a natural gas delivery system that covers all regions in the United States. This is an underground network that delivers natural gas to 64 million customers of utilities. The company has an annual capital budget of $500 million annually. Rebuilding Together is a partner of the company. This organization collaborates with community groups to help people fix their homes and businesses.

The company also has partnered with CPS on the CONSTRUCT program, a training program that offers minority workers an opportunity to get construction jobs. Participants receive life-skills training, career guidance, and practical education. Participants also have the opportunity to take part in a summer internship.

The company also joined forces with Nourishing Hope which provides food and job aid to those in need. It is currently working on strategic partnerships with the city’s West Side and is planning to expand its services to more people living in Chicago. Nourishing Hope also provides mental health counseling and housing assistance for low-income families.

By Yna