If you enjoy studying Maths you also have the option to take A-Level Maths, where you study pure, mechanics, and statistics topics as well as some decision maths. It is for those of wanting to study Maths at University and is highly recommended if you are looking to study Physics or Engineering as these require a solid foundation in Maths.

To better prepare yourselves for the examination and get good grades, it is advised to join a good A Level Maths tuition.

Advanced Level Maths is a 2-year course divided into 3 components of maths – Pure, Mechanics, and Statistics.

Pure Mathematics strongly focuses on algebra and will build upon topics you know from GCSE such as surds, equations of lines and circles, and functions. You will be familiarized with calculus, differentiation, and integration and these will form a core part of the course.

Mechanics applies principles of maths to the real-world problems related to Physics, again building upon foundations from GCSE. You will look at projectiles, SUVAT, and forces amongst other areas. To apply the correct formulas, drawing and understanding diagrams are key here.

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In the Statistics part of the course, one will be looking at how data is collected and then how it can be modeled to present useful results. A lot of it will be familiar to you as you extend your knowledge of histograms, averages, and probability and new topics of distributions and hypothesis testing will be explored.

If you have read so far along, you probably want an A* Grade in A-Level Mathematics.  You fancy going to the best university and getting a degree with a bright future ahead.  Consider enrolling yourself for a good A-Level Maths tuition in addition to the below steps: –

  • Review after each lesson

Go through the notes of the lesson and try some questions, after each lesson. It can be the following day or even a week. Doing this will help you excel.

  • Exam Style Questions

Only attempt past papers after you have finished the module. Although looking at past papers may seem like a good idea, attempting them without properly studying the module might lower your confidence.

  • Review again

You see there is a reason it is mentioned twice. Because that’s how important it is. Write a set of questions to review in advance and share them with your friend or parents, anyone who pushes you to do better. Reviewing this way can help you learn and retain topics, keeping them fresh for the exams.

By Yna