Ensure Your Items' Security With SCF

SCF is the leading provider of specialist shipping container services in Australia. It provides the greatest selection of on-site storage containers, intermodal containers, and tank containers.

SCF has been in operation for thirty years, making it Australia’s largest national container supplier. This longevity can be attributed to the company’s dedication to providing clients with creative solutions. This is made possible through the timely, secure, and efficient distribution of premium products.

Listed below are some of the shipping container options offered by SCF:

Transportation Container

The initial purpose of SCF’s shipping container range was to allow transoceanic transit of products. They are resistant to the outdoors, easily transportable, and stackable. They were immediately adopted by moving companies so that their customers’ furniture could be carried safely.

Over the years, containers have been available in a variety of sizes, including 8- and 10-foot “mini” containers, 40-foot “high cube” containers, 20-foot “side-opening” containers for easier loading and unloading, and 40-foot “standard” containers.

Outdoor Sheds

Temporary classrooms and gymnasiums are frequently found on building sites, but these facilities have many other potential uses besides construction. Included are site offices for effective project management, crib rooms for keeping your crew inspired and rejuvenated, ablution blocks for easing tension, and lodging containers for housing your remote personnel safely.

Portable buildings are available for short- or long-term leasing, so you only pay for them on a construction site when you really need them.

SCF's shipping container range

Materials for Packing Perishable Items

In the workplace and on construction sites, hazardous chemicals, liquids, and powders are stored in dangerous goods containers.

Air vents, an internal emergency exit, galvanized steel flooring with a safety drain valve to clean up spills safely and easily, and side door access are among the additional safety features included in their dangerous goods containers, which are similar to standard shipping containers in all other respects.

Tank Containers SCF carries a wide variety of tank containers, including iso tanks, liquid storage tanks, and frac tanks, all of which have various possible applications across a variety of sectors. To make your work easier, their seasoned tanks team is always developing new products with cutting-edge security and functionality features.

Transport refrigerated containers

A refrigerated container is an insulated transport container with its own cooling system (reefer). It is used for transporting and storing items that require a precise temperature.

All of SCF’s Refrigerated Shipping Containers and Cool Room Containers have outstanding temperature control and insulation. This ensures the desired temperature is maintained with minimal apparatus, reducing both fuel use and associated expenses.

For additional details and inquiries, please visit scf.com.au.  With SCF you can be at ease knowing your products are safe and secure with SCF’s transparency.

By Yna