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Concrete patio pavers can add value to your home. These outdoor areas provide space for entertaining or relaxing with family and friends. Unfortunately, they are often forgotten because they look simple. That’s why many homeowners overlook them. These spaces aren’t as important as other parts of the house. They don’t attract attention like the kitchen or living room. The only thing that saves them from being ignored is their practicality. They’re great ways to enhance your home.

Concrete patios are versatile spaces. They come in various shapes and sizes and offer a variety of features. Whether you want a patio with a pool or a garden, a patio makes the exterior of your home attractive and inviting.

Concrete patios can be easily installed at high-quality levels for less than $1 per square foot.

Things to consider when installing new Concrete patio pavers-

This method has many advantages, including cost savings, ease of installation, and aesthetics.

When selecting a product for the installation of concrete pavers over an existing slab, it’s wise to consider these factors first:

  • Size of Pavers- Paving stones should be chosen based on their size. Larger pavers provide a smoother and more level surface, while smaller ones create texture and pattern.
  • Type of Pavements- There are two types of pavers; natural stone and manufactured (concrete). Manufactured pavers are easier to install than natural stone, but they need to have the aesthetic appeal of natural stone.
  • Moisture Retention- Moisture retention is a primary concern when installing concrete pavers. A good rule of thumb is that if a cement mixture contains less than 8%, it won’t hold water. If the pavers are installed right after pouring the concrete, then it’s likely that the concrete will be dry enough to allow for proper drainage. As the concrete dries out, it begins to shrink, causing cracks and separation between the pavers, and installing pavers before the concrete sets are recommended to prevent this problem.
  • Durability- Concrete is highly durable. However, it does need maintenance. Over time, concrete may begin to crack and peel away from the substrate. Cracks may appear around joints and mortar joints, and the mortar joint could separate. In extreme cases, cracking can even cause structural failure. Regular cleaning and sealing of the concrete surface will help extend its lifespan.

This method has many advantages, including cost savings, ease of installation, and aesthetics. The most common way to install Concrete Patio Pavers is to pour the concrete directly over the top of the existing slab.

By Yna