February 1, 2019

Official 70-697 Exam Dumps With Questions

Microsoft is a leading force in the IT department, and by having your name associated with Microsoft can really boost your 70-697 career. The 70-697 exam is one of the most important exam in IT department and by clearing 70-697 exam can create many career opportunities for you. The Written Exam exam will test your skills and 70-486 vce knowledge. We know how much this exam means to you, thus Learningpdf have compiled the best 70-697 Q&A actual questions study material you can find online. This actual questions study material for the 70-697 exam dumps Written Exam exam will provide you with all the necessary information to you need for this 70-697 exam.

70-697 Exam Dumps
70-697 Exam Dumps QUESTION 11
What NGIPS appliance would you use if your customer is at the enterprise level and requires modular
architecture that is scalable?
A. Cisco 4000 series ISR
B. FirePOWER 8000 series
C. ASA 7000 series
D. Cisco 800 series ISR
E. FirePOWER 2100 series
Correct Answer: B

70-697 Exam Dumps QUESTION 12
What is a great option for new customers within Platform Selling?
A. Platform sale
B. License sale
C. Platform subscription sale
D. Appliance sale
Correct Answer: B

70-697 Exam Dumps QUESTION 13
Which are two key solutions and features of the Campus & Branch threat-centric solution? (Choose two.)
A. Behavioral Indication of Compromise
B. File Retrospection and Trajectory
C. Network Analytics
D. Enabled and protected investments
Correct Answer: CD

70-697 Exam Dumps QUESTION 14
Which are three key security vectors customers need to monitor to overcome security challenges?
(Choose three)
A. Campus & Branch
B. Cloud Apps
C. Hackers Device
D. SaaS and Cloud Platform
E. Data Center
F. Malware Protection
Correct Answer: ABE

70-697 Exam Dumps QUESTION 15
After achieving the Cisco Security Express Specialization what is the next level of security specialization a
partner may attain?
A. Advanced Security Architecture SpecializationB. Master Threat Response Specialization
C. Advanced Threat Analytic Specialization
D. Express Security Architecture Specialization
Correct Answer: D

70-697 Exam Dumps QUESTION 16
Which are three key solutions and features of the web threat-centric solution? (Choose three.)
A. Identity and Access Control
B. Data loss prevention
C. Web threat defense
D. URL Filtering
E. E-mail Security
F. CTDand Network Analytics
Correct Answer: BDF

70-697 Exam Dumps QUESTION 17
What ISR appliance would you use if your customer is a small business thatrequires integrated switching
and routing and WAN redundancy?
A. Cisco 4000 series ISR
B. FirePOWER 7000 series
C. Cisco 800 series ISR
D. FirePOWER 2100 series
E. FirePOWER 8000 series
Correct Answer: A

70-697 Exam Dumps QUESTION 18
Which are three Cisco Advanced Threat solutions? (Choose three.)
B. Identity and Access Control
C. Remote Access VPN
D. Stealthwatch
E. Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System
F. Cognitive Threat Analytics
Correct Answer: BDF

70-697 Exam Dumps QUESTION 19
Which are two key solutions and features of the mobilethreat-centric solution?(Choose two)
A. E-mail Security
B. Simplified policy enforcement and management
C. DNS-Layer Security
D. Fuzzy Fingerprinting
Correct Answer: AD

70-697 Exam Dumps QUESTION 20
Which are three major threat areas? (Choose three)
A. Social MediaB. Campus and Physical
C. Instant Messaging
D. Endpoints
E. Data Center
F. Cloud apps
Correct Answer: DEF

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