March 11, 2019

How Should The Project Be Networked

How should this project be networked?
I have a project: 2 core switches, 4 aggregations, more than 20 access switches, 7 network segments (vlan), how should I set up a good network?
The two core switches have an main equipment system and a unified gateway.
Aggregation switch dual link is redundant.
The attachment is my painting, which is MSTP+VRRP. I have never grouped the network before. I learned this topology online. This project has too many aggregation and access switches. I don’t know how to plan vlan, Please give me some suggestions. Thank you!

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1. You can stack the core if it supports stacking, such as 4500 VSS.
2. If it achieves converging, it can be the second layer.
3. The access layer is also the second layer.
4. All switches have vlans, the switches are directly cascaded with trunks, and then the access layer switches divide the ports into corresponding vlans as needed.
You have to understand the stack first, and the two machines are virtualized into one. Then the core and the aggregation switch can be used as channels, which can simplify the topology and increase redundancy.